Friday, October 2, 2020

Mamiffer "Mettapatterning for Constellation"

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LP version / limited to 300 copies / 100 on clear vinyl, 200 on black / housed in heavy weight tipon jacket with 18" x 24" oversized insert / art and design by Faith Coloccia.

1. Mettapatterning for Constellation 

2. ))((Mettapatterning for Constellation <ll> 

Mamiffer is Faith Coloccia + Aaron Turner 

1. Mettapatterning for Constellation 

Composition by Faith Coloccia (2016) 

Orchestration and string arrangement by Eyvind Kang 

Performed by Spółdzielnia Muzyczna contemporary ensemble (2017) 

Małgorzata Mikulska - flute 

Bartosz Sałdan, Aleksander Wnuk - percussion 

Martyna Zakrzewska - piano 

Paulina Woś, Barbara Mglej - violins 

Gabriela Biel - viola 

Jakub Gucik - cello 

Mateusz Rusowicz - conductor 

Aaron Turner - cassette players 

Recorded by Robert Szczukiewicz (FS Audio) on 30th September 2017 in Nowohuckie Centrum Kultury, Krakow 

Commissioned by and performed at 15. Sacrum Profanum Festival, curated by Krzysztof Pietraszewski 

-))((- Mettapatterning for Constellation <ll> 

Faith Coloccia: piano, mellotron flute, string patch, bells, cassette recordings 

Aaron Turner: guitar, percussion 

Jon Mueller: bells 

Recorded to 4 track cassette by Faith Coloccia, 2016 

Additional recording by Aaron Turner at The House of Low Culture, Vashon, WA, 2016 

Artwork and design by Faith Coloccia 

Score preparation by Brianna Atwell 

All tracks mixed by Randall Dunn at AVAST! Seattle ,WA, fall 2017 

Mastered by James Plotkin 

Special thank you to Krzysztof Pietraszewski and Spółdzielnia Muzyczna contemporary ensemble. 

C+P Faith Coloccia BMG/ASCAP 


Faith Coloccia’s music as Mamiffer behaves as a living organism that feeds off its surroundings as it multiplies and evolves to live in harmony with its environment. This malleability is presented in Mamiffers’s latest record, Mettapatterning for Constellation. The album features two incarnations of a single composition by Coloccia, commissioned by the Sacrum Profanum Festival in Krakow, Poland. Side A documents the 2017 live presentation of “Mettapatterning for Constellation” as performed by the Półdzielnia Muzyczna contemporary ensemble, orchestrated by Eyvind Kang, conducted by Mateusz Rusowicz, and mixed by Randall Dunn. The B side features the initial pre-notation home recording of the composition, “))((Mettapatterning for Constellation <ll>,” as performed by Faith Coloccia, Aaron Turner, and percussionist Jon Mueller. Together the two tracks not only depict the emotional depth and textural vibrancy of Coloccia’s vision, they model the organic breadth and variability of the work. The two versions have distinct intentions and diametric harmonic spiritual relations. A perfect metaphor for Mettapatterning would be that of eukaryotic organisms: those that can live freely as single cells, but can also aggregate together to form multicellular reproductive structures, just as a lo-fi 4-track creation can evolve into its own distinct, transcribed, and orchestrated form when presented to the world. 

-Brian Cook, August 2020

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