Wednesday, November 29, 2017

New paintings

Here are some of my new paintings from this Summer and Fall, I finally had time to put the images of them up here. You can also see them at ACME Gallery in Anacortes WA until the end of January. Some of them are available at the SIGE Records store. I made them with salt underpaintings, lamp black pigment, paint made with ashes, and ashes. 

Mamiffer video by Daniel Menche

MAMIFFER - Recordings for Lilac III from Daniel Menche on Vimeo.

Friday, November 3, 2017

New Mamiffer release available

Through the Touch store:


Side A: 0:00–3:12 found recording 2007, 3:13–10:30 recording/performance by F. Coloccia 2008-2009, 10:31–13:15 recording/mix by Randall Dunn, performance by F. Coloccia 2015, 13:16–16:13 recording/performance by A. Turner 2015, 16:14–end recording/performance by F. Coloccia 2011.

0:00–3:16: manipulated found recording/recording/performance by A.Turner 2015. 3:17–4:30: recording by F. Coloccia 2016. 4:31–6:02: recording by A. Turner, performance by F. Coloccia 2015. 6:03–8:41: recording/performance by F. Coloccia 2010. 8:42–9:33: recording/performance by A. Turner 2014. 9:34–13:35: recording by F. Coloccia 2011. 13:36–16:00: recording by A. Turner, performance by F. Coloccia 2014. 16:01–16:49: recording/manipulation by F. Coloccia, mix by Randall Dunn 2010. 16:50–End: recording/performance by F. Coloccia 2010 + 2015.

Mamiffer is Faith Coloccia and Aaron Turner. Illustration by Ashley Isadore Coloccia-Turner.

Mamiffer write: "The majority the sounds on this tape were culled from cassettes we used in live performances and recordings. Many were field recordings from various sources, found tapes from thrift stores, some were samples/textures we made as backgrounds/backing tracks for specific live songs. A few pieces were also in finished Mamiffer studio recordings but ended up being somewhat buried in the final mixes - they were and are elements we felt strongly about and have thus given them a proper chance to shine herein. It was put together semi-chronologically starting with some of the earliest Mamiffer materials going back to 2008 or so. It was all edited together with the idea of creating a listenable narrative and letting the chance audio occurrences within each piece inform the choices about how they were melded together and sequenced. We have been meaning to assemble these sounds for a while and are glad to have had the chance to finally do it." – Mamiffer, Vashon, WA, 13.xiii.2017