Wednesday, February 29, 2012

SIGE records update:

We're nearly sold out of a number of items at our webstore, including the Mamiffer & Locrian "Bless Them That Curse You" 2xLP, but we'll be re-stocking in the coming days. Along with the 2xLP we're also replenishing our stock on the following: Mamiffer "Mare Decendrii" CD, Mamiffer "Hirror Enniffer" CD, v/a Utech Fest 2xCD, Mamiffer/Merzbow/HOLC "Lou Lou..." CD/DVD, and the Mamiffer/HOLC LP. For any of you that might be looking for the Mamiffer "Mare Decendrii" 2xLP, we're hoping to do a repress of that on SIGE in the near future.

Also, Brooklyn Vegan has posted an interview with Mamiffer and Locrian conducted by Oxbow's Eugene Robinson here.

Thank you.