Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mamiffer/Pyramids Pre-order from HHR, and art preview

You can order the split LP from Hydra Head records HERE

Single LP with double sided newspaper poster/insert
The pre-order comes with a limited photocopy book of my artwork.

Or get the Japanese Daymare Records import CD here.
(Featuring a remix by William Fowler Collins)

Track listing: 

Mamiffer: 1. Sophia, 2. Tichá Noc
Pyramids: 1. This Is One For Everyone

(CD version only)2. (re-mix by William Fowler Collins)

 Album cover:

Flood Print Pantone 8003C

Newsprint tabloid size insert. Front fold out view:

Back side of insert fold out: poster

examples of book pages:

More information on the CD version coming out 10/24 on Daymare Records, and the tape release (limited to 100) on SIGE coming soon. Mamiffer will hopefully have all 3 formats on the upcoming EU tour this Fall.

Hear the whole record here: http://hydrahead.bandcamp.com/album/mamiffer-pyramids