Monday, June 26, 2017

Herbalism magic called Isadoro

Since moving to Vashon Island in the Washington State Pudget Sound, I have been learning from my environment and experimenting with wild harvesting, herbalism, farming, gardening, creating health elixirs and making magic.
I started to do this out of a desire to heal myself and help heal my friends. 

This magic comes in the form of tinctures, teas, salts, vinegars and foods. I have named this after my Italian grandfather, who I never got the chance to meet: Isadoro Coloccia. I created the designs and images based on my families background with symbols used in weaving, hoping to add healing meaning in the form of color and fertile archetypes.  

Within the last  2 years, there has been an overflowing abundance of herbs and fruits! My knowledge and experience has increased,so I would now love to share these items with other people, and I hope that this magic can help heal/nourish others as I have healed and nourished myself, my family and my friends.

All of these items were created from my local environment on Vashon Island, and also from my hometown in the desert in California where my parents still live.

Some of the things I make can be found here at Los Angeles based store "A Collection Of". 

Some more limited items can be found here on this website: Isadoro.

Here are some pictures:

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