Friday, July 31, 2020

NORDRA "Pylon lll" Release day!

Physical and digital sale:

Track Listing:



Searching In Fields For Elements

Hand Holding

Reflective Friend

Monologue On The Beach



Transcendence 1

Transcendence 2

Vinyl Specs: 

Edition of 300 copies / 300 on black vinyl / housed in full color jacket, with b+w insert.

NORDRA Pylon lll


Score to PYLON III--choreographed by Coleman Pester // TMS

PYLON III is a multi media performance blending highly physical dance, active visual projections, and live-feed surveillance; blurring the line between observer and observed and is the third iteration of PYLON.

The ongoing project PYLON is concerned with themes of systematic fear and control placed on human bodies operating within modern society; between communal pressure and self-fulfillment, between surveillance and privacy, between unyielding architecture and fragile flesh. This is an investigation of watching and individuation. PYLON features dynamic choreography, architectural installation, and a complex quagmire of digital image gathering/projection.


Composed and recorded by Monika Khot

Mixed by Randall Dunn

Mastered by James Plotkin

Photographs by Stefano Altamura

Vinyl cut by Adam Gonsalves

Drawing and design by Faith Coloccia

SIGE records 2020

released July 31, 2020 

Composed and recorded by Monika Khot 

Mixed by Randall Dunn 

Mastered by James Plotkin 

Photographs by Alex Boeschenstein 

Drawings and design by Faith Coloccia

Promotional photo of Monika by Eleanor Petry

Sunday, July 5, 2020

New Mamiffer "Ae/Be" EP on SIGE records

Mamiffer "Ae/Be"

1. Meteoric Iron
2. Almaigre
3. Oration

Produced by Randall Dunn and Mamiffer 

Song 2 recorded by Randall Dunn at London Bridge Studio WA Shoreline WA 2010 
Faith Coloccia: pianos, Aaron Turner: guitar 
Mixed by Faith Coloccia and Aaron Turner at the House of Low Culture Vashon, WA 2020 
This song was recorded during the Mare Decendrii recording sessions. 

Songs 1 + 3 recorded by Randall Dunn at Studio Litho Seattle, WA 2013 
Performance and compositions by Faith Coloccia 
These songs were recorded during the The World Unseen and The Brilliant Tabernacle recording sessions. 

Mastered by Adam Gonsalves 

Parts of songs 1-3 were used by Daniel Menche for his collaboration with Mamiffer called “Crater” (2015). 

Artwork by Faith Coloccia 

C+P Faith Coloccia BMG/ASCAP

Proceeds from July sales for this and other SIGE releases will be donated to:

Black Led Community Investment Fund (BLM Seattle)

Protect Native Elders

Loveland Therapy Fund for Black Girls and Women

Adabi Healing Shelter

Elijah McClain Benefit Fund

National Bail Fund Network

Souls Grown Deep

Pro Arts Oakland

Womanist Working Collective Philadelphia

Freedom for Immigrants:


Friday, July 3, 2020

SIGE records releases today!

Hello Friends⠀

Today we have new releases from:⠀
Mamiffer, Kole Galbraith, Jim Haynes, AVOLA, Jon Mueller, SUMAC, and Marshall Trammell & Aaron Turner⠀

Proceeds from July sales for this and other SIGE releases will be donated to: 

Black Led Community Investment Fund (BLM Seattle) 

Protect Native Elders 

Loveland Therapy Fund for Black Girls and Women 

Adabi Healing Shelter 

Elijah McClain Benefit Fund 

National Bail Fund Network 

Souls Grown Deep 

Pro Arts Oakland 

Womanist Working Collective Philadelphia 

Freedom for Immigrants:

Much Love!

Friday, June 5, 2020


From SIGE Records: Hello Friends⠀

Today we have new releases from: Marshall Trammell & William Fowler Collins, Zachary James Watkins, DOOLHOF (MC Dälek, A. Turner and Dennis Tyfus), Raven Chacon, Old Man Gloom, Tashi Dorji, NORDRA, Mamiffer, Alex Barnett, Daniel Menche and Aaron Turner.⠀

Proceeds will benefit: ⠀

National Bail Out 
Navajo Nation COVID-19 Fund 
Communities United Against Police Brutality 
NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund 
Black Visions Collective ⠀
Reclaim the Block 

Due to the Minn. Freedom Fund being maxed out proceeds will go instead to:⠀

The Louisville Community Bail Fund⠀
Justice for Breonna Taylor Fund⠀

Thank you so much to all the artists that contributed and all supporters! ⠀

Link in comments.

Much love!!
Zachary James Watkins William Fowler Collins Mamiffer Will Brooks Tashi Dorji Raven Chacon Old Man Gloom Daniel Menche Aaron B Turner Monika khot


Monday, December 2, 2019

Art show on Vashon Island DEC 6 2019

Salt Marsh with Aaron Turner. Come see a whole bunch of our artwork! At Hastings-Cone Gallery on Vashon Island. Opening Dec 6th

Faith Coloccia is a visual artist and musician. 

Her practice is focused on creation myths, both archetypal, historical and personal. She is interested in creation born from nothingness, necessity or proximity, and how the act of reclaiming personal narrative may benefit the communal whole. Her work corresponds to the body, internal functions and in relation to unseen forces. Both chance and coincidence play an important part in her process. In her art as well as in her music, she is actively seeking to collapse time into an eternal present moment, her working process often serving as a ritualized means to celebrate the the force of life.

Coloccia is the founder and director of the musical projects Mamiffer and Mára, as well as a contributor to many others. She is the co-founder of SIGE records based in Vashon, WA where she currently resides. 

Aaron Turner is a visual artist and musician residing in Vashon, WA. Over the past 25 years he has worked at the intersection of music and visual art - searching for ways to connect these worlds through intentional practices, as well as uncovering the underlying parallels that inherently exist between them. The impetus for these explorations has been two-fold: to give form to otherwise unutterable internal emotional currents, and to find means for comprehending identity - that which is inborn, as well as that which is manufactured. Of particular interest to Turner is the reconciliation of dissonant segments of internal/external existence, and how exposition of the shadow self through impulsive creative acts may serve as catalyst to this goal.
Turner is most readily recognized for his work as a participant in the musical groups SUMAC, Mamiffer and Old Man Gloom, as well as for founding the Hydra Head Records label, and co-founding SIGE Records with his partner Faith Coloccia.