Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Artwork and design for Mamiffer "The World Unseen LP

The pre-order is now available HERE

Here is the artwork for the new Mamiffer record "The World Unseen".
Custom letterpress jacket, silver ink on heavy black stock. 
One color inner sleeve.  Double sided 4 PG fold out, includes lyrics, b/w+CMYK

Printed by Stumptown Printers in Portland OR
Record thankfully pressed in time by Cascade Record Pressing in Portland OR

Official release day: April 1st 2016, SIGE045
LP Edition of 800, 200: smoke vinyl, 600 Black. CD edition: 500

Track Listing:

1. By the Light of My Body 
2. Flower of the Field II 
3. 13 Burning Stars 
4. Mára 
5. Domestication of the Ewe - part I  (Est Ovum)
6. Domestication of the Ewe - part II (Höhle)
7. Domestication of the Ewe - part III (Divine Virus)
8. Parthenogenesis

Additional recording information:

Mamiffer is Faith Coloccia and Aaron Turner

Faith Coloccia: Piano, vocals, choral  arrangement, organ, Wurlitzer, bass synthesizer, noise, tapes, effects, sound collage

Aaron Turner: Guitar, effects, loops, feedback, noise, sound collage

Additional performances by:

Eyvind Kang: Viola and string arrangement 
Geneviève Beaulieu: Additional vocals on track 6
Joe Preston: Bass on track 6

All compositions written by Faith Coloccia. Lyrics by Faith Coloccia and Aaron Turner.
Produced by Randall Dunn and Mamiffer.
Mixed by Randall Dunn 2014 and 2015
Recorded by Randall Dunn at Studio Litho, and Avast! Studio in Seattle WA. (2013-2014)
Additional recording by Aaron Turner at the House of Low Culture, Vashon WA (2014)
Field recordings by Faith Coloccia 2011-2014

Mastered at CMS by Jason Ward
Lacquer cut by Jason Ward

Artwork and design by Faith Coloccia

Japanese 2xCD release through Daymare Recordings available April 13th 2016
Includes bonus disk with 3 new songs/b.sides:

Bonus disk track listing:

1. Aušrinė
2. We Are United In Spirit, We Will Be Happy Forever
3. Mercy II

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