Monday, December 28, 2015

New interview and group exhibition

Heres a new interview I did with Scene Point Blank:


6. How relevant is the physical format record/cd/tape in 2015 and going into 2016? What do you see changing in terms of physical vs. digital discussions?

I have no idea! I am open to all possibilities about formats. It seems that regardless of PR, record sales, or digital formats, people are incredibly inspired, and are making amazing, and challenging music. I still have a fondness for the physical format, and producing that. Especially with SIGE's hand made releases. I like to know and feel that part of the artist's presence is still in and has interacted with the commodified object. That the personal can reach out to touch the listener through the physical format.
Although: I also really like knowing that someone far away who cannot get the physical release or afford it, can be touched by hearing the human voice come through foreign computer speakers, that the spirit of creation and the human pulse can still be felt through bad connections, broken systems and murky digital streams of capitalism. So I am hopeful that regardless of what format a release is on, that people still believe in the power of music, and the communities it helps foster and create.

My artwork will be included in this group exhibition curated by Amelia Ishmael in the Sector Project space next year:

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