Wednesday, November 18, 2015

CRATER Artwork

Here is the artwork and design for Daniel Menche and Mamiffer's CRATER (SIGE43) 

Official release day: November 13th 

Custom duo-tone jackets printed by Stumptown printers in Portland OR. 

Pantone: Black 6 and Pantone 8003 

Gatefold CD comes with a 12 page Duotone booklet. 
Photos by Daniel Menche, John Coloccia 
with collage/painting, scores and design by Faith Coloccia.
Crater/Venus photos by NASA/JPL.

1. Calyx 6:19
2. Husk 14:13
3. Alluvial 16:16
4. Breccia 16:20
5. Exuviae 11:25
6. Maar 4:04

SIGE Records 2015. 
Cassette: 50 copies (sold out)

Custom Dutone printed jackets and booklets with art, design and photography by Faith Coloccia and Daniel Menche.

Mixing and arrangement by Daniel Menche 
Original compositions by Mamiffer and Daniel Menche 

Daniel Menche: Field Recordings, Electronics, Drones, Noise 

Faith Coloccia: Piano, organ, voice, field recordings 
Aaron Turner: Guitar, electronics 

Piano and guitar recorded by Randall Dunn at Studio Litho Seattle WA (2013), and London Bridge Studio Lynwood WA (2010) 
Additional guitar and voice recorded by Daniel Menche at the House of Low Culture Vashon, WA (2014) 

Mastered in the analog domain at Stereophonic Mastering 

Design: Faith Coloccia 
Photography:Daniel Menche and John Coloccia 

Edition of 500

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