Friday, January 18, 2013


Available for purchase HERE

We're very happy to announce that after several years of trying to get this out, SIGE's very first book publication is now available. Here are the details:

SIGE 008 
Mamiffer Mare Decendrii 
An artist book by Faith Coloccia 

Includes artwork, documentation and composition notation from the album "Mare Decendrii". Limited edition of 100 copies. 60 pages, 7" x 8", perfect bound, professionally printed on uncoated heavyweight stock, full color and black and white, hand numbered.

As of now the book is only available as direct mailorder from SIGE Records. Price is $30 ppd(postage paid)* in the US, $37 ppd(postage paid)* for the rest of the world. Paypal payments can be made to  If there are enough copies left over this will eventually be available in our webstore and through select other outlets at slightly higher cost. *Postage just went up! So we altered the price. Here are some further spreads from the interior of the book:


  1. hey, your work is awesome, i follow it and Aaron´s too. i look up at u both, and are kind of a big inspiration for my works and, in a weird way, a role model as an artist, by doing what u really love. really enjoy ur jobs, music and art. thnx for sharing and good luck with the book. greetings and best wishes from mexico.

    p.s. i hope, like aaron, someday i could find my own Faith Coloccia, a very very talented (and beautiful) partner in life. lucky u, mr. A.

    1. Hello, thank you so much for all your kind and flattering words!